Stay motivated with running in 2020

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Seeing as a lot of people tend to start exercising and losing weight in a new year, let’s learn how to stay motivated with running.

Motivation, or a lack of it, is an issue that most of us face when starting something new. With a new year comes New Years resolutions, and the fact that 60% of New Years resolutions have failed by the time February comes to an end, so it’s best to know how to keep yourself motivated.

3 top tips for staying motivated

Every runner, no matter who they are, have had at least one day in their lives when they just didn’t want to run that day. Who hasn’t? Sometimes it’s cold outside, maybe it’s pouring it down with rain or maybe you’d just rather stay at home, order a pizza and watch a film.

With a new year comes a fresh start. Let’s forget about all the runs and workouts we missed in 2019, and work on keeping ourselves motivated to train come rain or shine in 2020. Here are a few top tips to keep yourself driven this year, in order to reap the benefits of consistent training.

1: Keep yourself accountable

This first top tip is fairly simple, yet one of the most effective ways to make sure you get your workouts done. Keeping yourself accountable, when it comes to running specifically, means telling other people about your running goals, and giving them an active insight into your weekly training.

Why does this work? Well, if you’ve told someone that you’re going to do something, and you don’t actually do it, then you may feel worried that you’ll get judged in some way by that person. It’s basic human nature for people to want to avoid judgement, so if you tell someone that you’re going to run 5miles that day, then you’re far more likely to do so out of a fear of judgement.

If you’re familiar with the app ‘Strava’ (which if you’re a runner, you definitely need), then you’ll know the feeling after a great run or workout, when all you want to do is upload it to the app so your followers can see what you did that day. This is another method for keeping yourself accountable, as you can set goals on Strava that your friends and followers can see, so you’re far more likely to achieve them.

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2: Set yourself specific goals

Most runners already set themselves goals, whether it be to run a sub-20minute 5k, or to run 4 days a week (learn about an optimal training week here). However, setting yourself more specific, time-bound goals are much more efficient at keeping yourself motivated whilst running.

What do I mean by a more ‘specific’ goal? Well, you could set yourself the goal of ‘6 weeks without missing or changing anything on your training plan’ or ’30miles this week, 35miles next week then 40miles the week after’ or even ‘run 25 park runs this year’.

These types of goals have a relative time for you to complete them in, which mean if you miss a workout due to low motivation, then you are much less likely to complete that goal. Knowing that will help you get out of the door and run, even when you’re not feeling like it.

Referring back to the first tip, share your goals with your friends and family to keep yourself accountable for them. Also, studies have shown that if you write down your goals, and put them somewhere where you can read them everyday, then you are 40% more likely to complete them. A simple trick for maximum motivation!

3: Enter more races

When you’re training for a race, when are you more motivated? Is it at the start when you’re months away from any action and you’re just training easy? Or is it when you’re 2 weeks away and you just completed a great workout and cannot wait to get out there and see how fast you can run? Yep, for most people, it’s probably the latter.

Similar to setting goals, entering races gives you something to work for. It gives you a target, where you have to be fit and ready on a specific date to push your body to the max. If you’re a marathon runner, you’re not really likely to run more than 2-3 marathons per year, so it can be tough to stay motivated with training all year round. However, if you entered a couple of 10k races or half marathons and added them into your longer training blocks, you’re much more likely to stay motivated and consistent, as you’ve always got something close by to shoot for.

Be careful with this tip, as too much racing could lead to injuries and actually hinder your fitness progression. Be sure to be careful when taking this approach, as bumping up the amount of races in your schedule is a sure way to boost your motivation.

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