Online Running Coaching

After a decade of running competitively along with reading countless books on multiple coaches and training philosophies, I have a copious amount of knowledge ready to make you a better runner; offering online running coaching and personalised running training plans.

Running is a highly personal sport. If you try and train the same as everyone else, you are unlikely to reach your fully potential and you actually increase your chance of injury.

This is why it is important to have your training planned out to be specific to you! Only then can you really smash your personal bests and reap maximum fitness benefits.

One-on-One Online Running Coaching

A personal coach is the best way to really thrive in your running. They will know how to plan your running, week by week, in a way that is personal to you. This will help with: progressing sensibly, avoiding injury, peaking for a race and getting the most benefit out of your training.

If you are struggling or pick up a little injury, then having a knowledgeable coach on hand to change your training in the right way can be extremely beneficial. If unsure, check out some of our articles written by our coach.

Our online coaching service will include:

  • An discussion of running targets
  • Planning of training: unique to your ability, focus and lifestyle
  • Open communication via Whatsapp
  • Interactive training calendar via Training Peaks
  • A bi-weekly review of training
  • Advice on injuries, running and nutrition
  • Clear guidance on peaking for races

We will plan your training out weekly, depending on how the previous week went. This service is £29.99 per month. With this you will have a dedicated coach, who will help you smash your personal running goals!

If you are interested in this service or have any other questions, please contact us via the form below.

Please include: your current fitness, your running goals, your personal bests, any injury issues, how long you have been running for, your age and sex. This will help us get started.

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