Online Running Coaching

Meet Coach Callum S.A.C

Coach Callum is a competitive distance runner turned coach, with a Level 3 Sports Coaching Diploma and a CPD in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.

Callum has been a competitive athlete for 10 years now, and has been a student of running training and coaching practices for the past 3 years. He has studied the coaching philosophies and practices of many of the greats, such as Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels and Peter Coe.

Callum has personal experience coaching himself and advising others for distances ranging from the 800m up to the Half Marathon. He can apply his depth of knowledge to help athletes thrive over any distance.

How we coach

Firstly, you will have a free consultation with Coach Callum, to demonstrate how he can help you reach your running and fitness goals.

Once signed up, communication with Coach Callum will be open and direct via WhatsApp or E-mail. This means you will have a quick response from any questions, and have an open source of training support.

He will discuss your running and fitness goals, and he will be setting training accordingly. Training will be set bi-weekly through Training Peaks, a free interactive training calendar. This will be on-going, and will include training phases adapted to your racing targets.

This service will is £30/month (can be cancelled at any time), and will include:

  • Open communication with Coach Callum
  • Training setting and review via Training Peaks
  • Nutrition, recovery and gear advice
  • A bi-weekly assessment of training
  • Training adapted to your goals and lifestyle
  • Racing planning and preparation support

Enquire now for a free consultation

Before you commit to coaching, you can get to know Coach Callum and learn how he will help you with your training! Fill out the form below and you’ll receive an e-mail from Coach Callum shortly. If you agree to be coached after the consultation then Coach Callum will send you a link for a monthly coaching subscription.

Please include: Your running goals, your target distance, how long you’ve been running for and any notable injuries you currently have.

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