Meet The Coach

Coach Callum is the owner and creator of Running Faster. He created this site to share his knowledge and love of running with the community and to help every runner reach their true potential. Whether you are directly coached by Coach Callum, have purchased a training plan or are just reading the articles, he’s happy to help.

Coaching qualifications

Coach Callum has a Level 3 Higher Diploma in Sports Coaching – passed with a distinction. In addition to this, he has a CPD qualification in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. With full coaching certification, DBS certification and public liability insurance, Coach Callum is a professional within the sport looking to make a lasting mark. If you are considering signing up for coaching with the Running Faster head coach, and want to see his qualifications as proof, contact him at and request to see his certifications.

In addition to the coaching qualifications, Coach Callum has spent years reading and studying the sport. This includes reading heavily influencial, in depth coaching books such as Jack Daniels Running Formula, Lore of Running by Tim Noakes or The Science of Running by Steve Magness. Coach Callum has also spent a long time playing around with his own athletics training, trying to squeeze out as much fitness as possible. With lots of running knowledge and coaching philosophies to share (stated below), Coach Callum is ready to help the running community.

Competitive running experience

Coach Callum is actually an athlete himself with 10 years of training and competition experience. He is currently training for the 1500m/5000m distances on the track, aiming to make the England and Great British squad for the Commonwealth Games and European Championships in 2022. He has been injury plagued for a couple of years, but is well on his way to a great comeback come the 2021 track season.

Using his running knowledge and own coaching principle, he has devised the ‘Running Faster Program’ which he has used to recently earn himself an 81 second 5000m personal best. He will continue to use the Running Faster Program to become an elite level, self coached athlete – something which is rare to see these days.

Coaching inspirations and Philosophy

There are 4 historic, legendary coaches that Coach Callum has taken inspiration from to devise the Running Faster Program. These include Arthur Lydiard, Peter Coe, Jack Daniels and Matt Fitzgerald.

Arthur Lydiard’s training principle revolved around slow, aerobic distance running and frequent time trials. Essentially, if you could run far and frequently experienced your race pace, then you will become a great runner according to Mr Lydiard. However, this philosophy felt incomplete to Coach Callum, so he turned to Peter Coe’s writings for more inspiration. Here he discovered the multi-paced running system. If a runner had frequent workouts just below, right on and just above their target distance race pace, then they can become a great all-round athlete. This will give the athlete the speed to close off their target distance and the strength to keep up with big moves early on.

To determine the pace of each workout, Coach Callum turned to Jack Daniels VDOT analysis for inspiration. This essentially converts an athletes race pace into paces needed to complete in different workouts for maximum benefits. This gave the structure and target to the multi-paced running system. Finally, Coach Callum needed to find the right balance between hard, race specific workouts (Coe & Daniels) and long, slow distance running (Lydiard). This is where Matt Fitzgerald came in with his 80/20 running formula.

In summary, Coach Callum’s running coaching philosophy is: 80% long, aerobic distance running with 20% hard, pace targeted workouts. This will vary from athlete to athlete of course, but the end goal will often remain the same.

Full time day job

Although Coach Callum spends a lot of time training, coaching and developing the Running Faster business, he does have a full time 9-5 job. He currently works as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Wavemaker North. Here, Coach Callum is helping his clients rank higher in web results and increase their organic visibility and traffic. With passions in business and digital marketing, this is the perfect role for him to be in as he develops his coaching career.

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